MedSoc Charities

There are a number of other charities and charitable organisations that  the medical school is proud to be associated with. Fundraisers are also often run for each of these.

Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan is a UK charity that works in the areas of leukaemia and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. It manages and recruits donors to the Anthony Nolan Register, which is part of an aligned registry that also includes the Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry, and the National Blood Service ran British Bone Marrow Registry. This aligned register is known as the Anthony Nolan & NHS Stem Cell Registry. They also carries out research to help make bone marrow transplants more effective

Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (MS Society) is a charitable organisation that funds research and support for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. The society is currently involved with the Neurological Alliance, and other charities in campaigning against changes to the Welfare System in the UK. They are involved in funding research, providing grants, campaigning for change, providing information and support, investing in MS specialists and lending a listening ear to those who need it.

St David's Medical Foundation

The St David’s Medical Foundation supports exciting innovations in medical research and education. The foundation run and manage funds and gifts to maximize the outcomes of groundbreaking research. Significant developments include research to identify the causes of childhood epilepsy, the early diagnosis of blood-clots in strokes and heart attacks and a clinical research centre for diabetes.

The Swansea-Gambia Link

The Swansea-Gambia link (SGL) is an arm of the St. David's Medical Foundation and aims to raise funds to give four Gambian Medical students the opportunity to do some clinical placements here with us in Swansea. Feedback from them shows that this is a highly regarded placement, therefore competition for places is tough. Throughout the year we raise money through a variety of activities including cake sales, sponsored runs, charity evenings and the now famous Auction of Promises. The SGL has to raise sufficient funds for visas, flights, accommodation and food for our guests so we are a busy little team! Surplus funds are used to buy simple but essential equipment such as light pens, stethoscopes and books.

For more information about any of our charities, please click on the headings, or get in touch with the MedSoc Charities Rep: Claudia GdW.